Engineering is Like Second Nature to Me

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Later on in life, I got involved in running product companies. Through the course of my professional life, I would work with companies that produce technical products.

Engineering comes as almost second nature to me: I love creating things that solve problems and designing parts and whole systems in the communications industry. A memorable experience early in my career is when I worked with a Bell Labs engineer to help manufacture one of the very first fiber optic measurement instruments ever made. This device measured the signal power of an optical signal – an important parameter in the transmission of data through fiber optic cable.

Another first I took part in as an engineer was designing the USA’s first Synchronus Optical Networking (SONET) test and measurement gear to qualify devices and systems that were being created at Bell Laboratories. With the internet, wireless, and other networks rapidly growing, the fiber optic networking systems Bell Labs were developing had to keep pace and run ahead of it to supply the bandwidth needed to transport all of that data, voice and video traffic around. Our company provided the test equipment to qualify that gear to all the networking standards at the time. It was, and is today, the most rewarding industry that I can imagine ever being part of.

After the maturation of my career as a design engineer I was given a greater responsibility: to lead the careers of others while managing multiple global businesses across the communications industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working with all of the largest communications companies on the planet to deliver high quality voice, data and video services that we all enjoy today. All of this I owe to my engineering background and my passion to design and create things. I have also built tremendous friendships with many of my colleagues that I treasure to this very day.

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Engineering is Like Second Nature to Me
Later on in life, I got involved in running product companies. - Jerry Gentile