My Life’s Passion: Engineering

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It may sound geeky to some, but one of my life’s passions is engineering. I was always fascinated with technical things and applying my math skills.

My fascination with gadgets and technology dates back to age one or two when I found a mechanical gadget of my Dad’s that had lights and switches on it. I couldn’t leave that gadget alone! It’s safe to say that this is where it all started – my passion for engineering and technology. As a youngster my dad supported my passion by purchasing electronic learning kits to learn with. Crystal radio’s, audio amplifiers, and many other things were all part of my desire to learn at an early age. One of the projects I did towards the end of high school was take apart our set top cable box that was a manual mechanical device. I took apart a toy remote control car, stole the radio and wired it into the set top box to make a remote control TV channel changer – I might have even invented the worlds first remote control TV! (I wish I knew about patents back then…)

I was fortunate that my high school had a vocational program in electronics and as part of it I was able to work in a co-op program in the microwave engineering field. The products I worked on at that time typically went into fighter jets for the radar section. Now that was pretty cool stuff to work on for an 18 year old. At one of my jobs in my 20’s I was working as an electronics technician. I had a boss who mentored me and eventually told me that if my life’s passion was to be an engineer I needed a degree. He, the general manager and the company worked out an arrangement for me to go to college and earn my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. From there I hit the afterburners on a full fledged engineering and business career with many a fascinating project completed along the way!

I owe it all to my dad Sam, my first boss Bruce Hudson, my early mentor Ron Barrett, the support of the General Manager Ed Richards, and the company’s Omni-Spectra and Tau-tron. Without them and many others I would not be where I am today – having a great family that I could give and receive support from, a rewarding career, and the ability to travel the world along the way.

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My Life’s Passion: Engineering
It may sound geeky to some, but one of my life’s passions is engineering. I was always fascinated with technical things. - Jerry Gentile