Barcelona, Spain and the works of Gaudi

La Sagrada Familia Photos Copyright by Jerry Gentile

Barcelona, Spain and the works of Gaudi – truly amazing what he was able to create.  Works of art coupled with structural engineering that is barely able to be captured in pictures.

I had the pleasure of attending Mobile World Congress in 2009 – a wireless trade show in my industry one year.  I did some sightseeing for a little bit but didn’t have a great deal of time to take in all the sights.  I loved it so much I booked a trip that summer with Denise and we went there for about 10 days in May 0f 2009. We loved it and spent a great deal of time taking in the works of Gaudi.

More about Antoni Gaudi can be found in Wikipedia here.

Barcelona and the works of Gaudi are one of my most favorite places in Europe and I highly recommend it!  Please take a look at my Barcelona and Gaudi gallery of pictures here.

But – be careful of pick pocketers.  They are everywhere in Barcelona and they are VERY good.  We had a few run ins with these people.  On the first day of the trip I had my camera ripped off – while that was a great excuse to buy a new camera I wanted anyway…it was a bummer losing a whole first day’s pictures!