Caladesi Island Family Fun

Home Photos by Jerry Gentile at Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island Family Fun – here are some shots of my daughter and her friends having a great day on the boat in August 2009.

This was my first boat I ever owned – a 2002 SeaRay 280 Sundancer.  It was actually a great boat to own – I had very little trouble with it.

On this day my daughter decided she was going to do some acrobatic moves off the bow with her friend.

We were backed up to Caladesi Island (you can only get here by boat or ferry from Honeymoon Island; both are Florida State Parks.)  I captured a number of shots of her doing flips off the boat.

We were also visited by a small family of dolphins that I managed to capture a few shots of when they broke the surface for air.  The Clearwater area beaches are the best!

Photos copyright by Jerry Gentile.