Eric Clapton with Roger Daltry Concert

Eric Clapton concert Sunrise, Florida March 11, 2010. Photo by Jerry Gentile

Eric Clapton with Roger Daltry Concert

March 11, 2010 – My beautiful daughter Lisa purchased tickets for a birthday present to see one of my guitar god idols, Eric Clapton, in concert in Sunrise, Florida.

I had the good fortune to be close enough to the stage to capture some shots.  It was the first time I had ever been to a Clapton concert and he was AWESOME.  My particular favorites were I shot the sheriff, wonderful tonight, cocaine, crossroads, layla and badge …well hell, I loved it all.  Here is the set list and commentary from others of this concert.  I recently saw Eric again in London…at the Royal Albert Hall….but that I’ll reserve for another post.

Now if Eric Clapton was not good enough…the “backup band” was Roger Daltry and he sang all the great “Who” tunes.  And that guy can put on a great show!

So here’s another collection from the Jerry Gentile endless picture archive with special thanks to my beautiful daughter Lisa.