Oahu Hawaii YO-257 scuba diving with Jerry Gentile

diver and turtle in Oahu - picture by Jerry Gentile

Oahu Hawaii YO-257 wreck dive and some area scuba diving. Videos copyright by Jerry Gentile.

Click this hot link to find out more about the YO-257 wreck!

This is a collection of my video clips from a scuba dive in Oahu I did with my brother-in-law Mark in July 2011. The YO-257 wreck we dove was in about 100 feet of water.

The shots comprise cave and wreck swimthroughs, wildlife such as turtles, spotted eels, a manta ray, white tipped sharks, and other marine creatures.  I wouldn’t say that Oahu compares to the Caribbean or Maui in terms of the best dive’s I have done but it was great to get out there and dive and see some of the great things in Oahu underwater!

The shots were with a sea and sea camera without a torch lite so the video quality is not perfect (underwater filters out red light so the videos are either greenish or bluish) but there are some great shots none the less.

I hope you enjoy this collection of Oahu scuba videos on Youtube!