Littlehale’s Lair and Shark Junction video by Jerry Gentile

Caribbean Reef Shark at Shark Junction photo by Jerry Gentile

Littlehale’s Lair  and Shark Junction video by Jerry Gentile

This is another video of my great dives at Grand Bahama Island.  This one was a 55-88ft dive set at Littlehale’s Lair and Shark Junction.  There were several swim-throughs and an abundance of sea life.  Here is a funfact about Littlehale’s Lair:

  • Littlehale’s Lair, Grand Bahama

    – Named for the National Geographic photographer, Bates Littlehale, in the 1960s, this site has two small caverns (lairs) – one that you can swim through, which was created by coral growing around surge channels. Home to grunts and snappers, this site is popular with underwater photographers.

In this video you’ll see several shots of lionfish – they are really getting everywhere as an invasive species.  Here are some facts about the lionfish as an invasive species. And for those shark lovers you will definitely see MANY Caribbean reef sharks swimming around us.  You’ll even see a few with hooks and fishing line hanging off of them.  That beady little eye is always just watching and waiting for the right time to take a bite!  You will also see one of our dive instructors, Melinda Riger of Grand Bahama Scuba, taking some shots of the sharks as they swim around.

I can’t wait to get back to the Bahamas…