Great Blue Hole Dive

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

Belize has an incredible dive into a cave 130 feet below sea level. This coral photo was taken during the dive. Check out all the photos in my Belize gallery.

Diving in Ambergris Caye

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

I earned my scuba certification in 2006, but my first Caribbean dive trip didn’t happen until 2009. My sister just received her certification and we decided to take a trip…

How I Got into Diving

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

I’ve always wanted to scuba dive and my wife bought me certification lessons in 2006. I was certified at Mac Sports in Clearwater, Florida. I try to take a diving…

Team Building in the French Alps

Chamonix, France Mountain Range - Photo by Jerry Gentile

In 2010, we took a team building trip to the French Alps. During one of the events, we snowshoed up the side of a mountain to a cabin. Halfway up…

My love for Muscle Cars

Jerry Gentile with his 1970 Cuda

My interest in muscle cars dates back to the 70s, when I had friends who possessed them; I myself had an Oldsmobile with a 455 rocket ride engine, which was…

How I Became Interested in Business

Jerry Gentile - Photo by Jerry Gentile

The interest in business came after I started working and really learning how the business worked – this came after several years designing circuits and products. I had a knack…

How I Became Interested in Photography

Jerry Gentile at his desk - Photo by Jerry Gentile

My dad was a photographer and I remember when I was little that he used to develop color film in our kitchen at night. I was so intrigued that eventually…

How High School Influenced my Career Path

Jerry Gentile - Photo by Jerry Gentile

A formative experience for me during high school was the opportunity to work in a co-op program. In conjunction with the technical vocational department in my school, I worked part-time…

Buying my First Muscle Car

Jerry Gentile's 1970 Cuda

My interest in muscle cars was rekindled when I started watching Mecum’s muscle cars and more auctions on TV. Seeing those vintage 1970 Mopar’s reminded me that I had engine…

1970 Cuda Featured in Fast & Furious 6

A car similar to my 1970 Cuda was featured in 2013’s Fast & Furious 6.