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Chamonix memories and the beauty of photography

A beautiful mysterious mountain shot in Chamonix, France - photo by Jerry Gentile

Chamonix memories and the beauty of photography – by Jerry Gentile For as far back as I can remember I loved taking pictures and videos. Sometimes I like to just…

“The World Needs Engineers!” – By Jerry Gentile

Synchronus Optical Networking Test Set co-designed by Jerry Gentile

Every now and then I’m asked by a young person who’s aware of my background in electrical engineering and is considering their future, if I think Electrical Engineering would provide…

The pioneering days of Fiber Optics Testing

Multimode Optical Loss Test Set

In an earlier blog post I mentioned working on one of the first fiber optic measuring instruments developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories engineers.
Here it is and what it does.

My Life’s Passion: Engineering

Close up of remote control

It may sound geeky to some, but one of my life’s passions is engineering. I was always fascinated with technical things and applying my math skills. My fascination with gadgets…

Engineering is Like Second Nature to Me

Photo of Jerry Gentile

Later on in life, I got involved in running product companies. Through the course of my professional life, I would work with companies that produce technical products. Engineering comes as…

Team Building in the French Alps

Chamonix, France Mountain Range - Photo by Jerry Gentile

In 2010, we took a team building trip to the French Alps. During one of the events, we snowshoed up the side of a mountain to a cabin. Halfway up…

How I Became Interested in Business

Jerry Gentile - Photo by Jerry Gentile

The interest in business came after I started working and really learning how the business worked – this came after several years designing circuits and products. I had a knack…

How High School Influenced my Career Path

Jerry Gentile - Photo by Jerry Gentile

A formative experience for me during high school was the opportunity to work in a co-op program. In conjunction with the technical vocational department in my school, I worked part-time…