Bahamas Scuba Diving with Sharks 2015 – By Jerry Gentile

shark 8 Photo by Jerry Gentile

Bahamas Scuba Diving with Sharks – you can’t beat this if you are a diver that likes big animals.  This year we wanted a lower budget vacation so we decided…

Bahamas Scuba Diving with Sharks 2015

Bahamas Scuba Diving 2015 Photos by Jerry Gentile – Copyright all rights reserved 2015 I hope you enjoy this Gallery!

Mopar Muscle Car Heaven

Mopar Car Show Carlisle, PA 2010 - Photo by Jerry Gentile

In 2010 a friend and I took the big trip to Carlisle, PA for a couple of days in Mopar Muscle Car Heaven. Here is a small selection of pictures from that event – enjoy!

Mopar Muscle Car Show Carlisle, PA 2010

My First Caribbean Scuba Diving Trip

Jerry Gentile Diving in Belize

My first Caribbean scuba diving trip was in February 2009. My sister, brother-in-law, and I decided to take a trip to Ambergris Caye in Belize. It was absolutely beautiful! Check…

Great Blue Hole Dive

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

Belize has an incredible dive into a cave 130 feet below sea level. This coral photo was taken during the dive. Check out all the photos in my Belize gallery.

Diving in Ambergris Caye

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

I earned my scuba certification in 2006, but my first Caribbean dive trip didn’t happen until 2009. My sister just received her certification and we decided to take a trip…

How I Got into Diving

Diving in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

I’ve always wanted to scuba dive and my wife bought me certification lessons in 2006. I was certified at Mac Sports in Clearwater, Florida. I try to take a diving…

My love for Muscle Cars

Jerry Gentile with his 1970 Cuda

My interest in muscle cars dates back to the 70s, when I had friends who possessed them; I myself had an Oldsmobile with a 455 rocket ride engine, which was…

How I Became Interested in Photography

Jerry Gentile at his desk - Photo by Jerry Gentile

My dad was a photographer and I remember when I was little that he used to develop color film in our kitchen at night. I was so intrigued that eventually…