Ecologic Divers Belize Scuba Diving 2010

Jerry Gentile, Janice and Mark Feb 11 2010 Belize Scuba Diving - Photo by Ron Siebert Jr

Ecologic divers Belize Scuba Diving 2010 with Jerry Gentile and family – this is a video shot by a videographer and newfound friend Ron Siebert Jr (be sure to ask…

Oahu Hawaii YO-257 scuba diving with Jerry Gentile

diver and turtle in Oahu - picture by Jerry Gentile

Oahu Hawaii YO-257 wreck dive and some area scuba diving. Videos copyright by Jerry Gentile. Click this hot link to find out more about the YO-257 wreck! This is a…

Barcelona, Spain and the works of Gaudi

La Sagrada Familia Photos Copyright by Jerry Gentile

Barcelona, Spain and the works of Gaudi – truly amazing what he was able to create.  Works of art coupled with structural engineering that is barely able to be captured…

Bahamas Scuba Diving with Sharks 2015 – By Jerry Gentile

shark 8 Photo by Jerry Gentile

Bahamas Scuba Diving with Sharks – you can’t beat this if you are a diver that likes big animals.  This year we wanted a lower budget vacation so we decided…

The Magnificent Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal - Photo by Jerry Gentile

Here are some photos from my visit to the Taj Mahal a few years back, I hope you like them. – Jerry Gentile

Belize – Mayan Temple Ruins

Ancient temple ruins in Belize - Photo by Jerry Gentile

I’ve published some photos from my trip to Belize in February 2010 when we toured ruins of the Jaguar Temple which dates back to AD 625. Truly fascinating! I hope…

Sightseeing in France

Chamonix, France Mountain Range - Photo by Jerry Gentile

One of my favorite memories is a business trip to Chamonix, France, in 2010. I’ve posted a taste of the trip in my photo gallery. Enjoy! – Jerry Gentile

Exploring Prague in 2004

Jerry Gentile Holding an Owl in Prague

In the fall of 2004, I took a trip to Prague. Here are some of the many photos I took. I hope to add more to the gallery soon!

How I Became Interested in Photography

Jerry Gentile at his desk - Photo by Jerry Gentile

My dad was a photographer and I remember when I was little that he used to develop color film in our kitchen at night. I was so intrigued that eventually…